WASHINGTON, D.C.—  One hundred companies around the country were chosen for the prestigious  Blue Ribbon Small Business Award of the  U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

These companies have been recognized for their dedication to the principles of free enterprise and their contributions to restoring jobs and prosperity.




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MITO Financial established since 2007 is the first component of MITO Group, and the only winning Hispanic company of the BLUE RIBBON AWARD 2013, as one of the top 100 companies in the United States, for its successful and innovative business practice, award given by the Chamber of Commerce of the United States.


We are a certified company uninterruptedly by the state of Texas, with more than 7 years of experience with Certificate No. 20100018 .


Our commitment is to support and advise you to understand the credit system in the United States, and be able to obtain the necessary score that will allow you to get approved to buy on credit


 We help to realize the dream of owning your own business, by a team of highly trained professionals in different areas that will assist you throughout the process of formation and operation, cutting the curve path to success and leading you to it.



We work for the Hispanic community in North Texas , After more than 40 Business Seminars made, free and in Spanish, we have helped establish more than 1,000 new Hispanic businesses,

which they have provided direct employment to at least 4,500 people in that area .


Contact us, the first consultation is free.






Story of an entrepreneur eager to succeed

Juan Miguel López




MITO Financial  born as a tool that would  like to have when I wanted to start my own business and some voices told me it can’t be done, I say to you today : " You can do it, I tell you how."


12 years ago, I arrived at North Texas with only $ 200 but with great hope and optimism, I started working here and there like everyone else, when I start as a waiter, could not even ask what they wanted to order, a year later was already the manager of a restaurant. However, I always considered myself as an entrepreneur with perseverance, commitment and desire to grow, so I decided to open a business to support other entrepreneurs to do business in Texas, everyone told me that because I didn’t speak English would not be able to make it, but I would not mourn for what didn’t have but to celebrate what I do have, in my case, excellent Spanish.


Being successful does not mean to be a millionaire, success comes to those who are willing to fail and do it again, it is something much more personal, it is attitude,

although we all define success in a  different way,

success for MITO Financial is to think big .


Look beyond your horizons, we must not think only in the corner store, think globalized, take a trip around Texas, it doesn’t matter if you don’t speak English, we have quality, I assure you.


The key for entrepreneurs is to be aware of the opportunity and have a good attitude, strength and tenacity led me to take my goal, we must not lose focus of where you want to go, you always have to have a vision to success



It's amazing how much this country has blessed us...



With new and small businesses in mind, our workshops will provide business owners with the necessary information and tools to start them up, and make their business economically profitable.


Each workshop will cover different aspects of a business, from registering it under the State laws to marketing tools, financial information, sales negotiations, logistics, etc.


These workshop are open to the general public with the participation of successful entrepreneurs who will share their expertise in their markets that will give you a glance or even an answer to your specific needs


MITO Group 5080 Spectrum Dr. Ste 1000 East Tower Addison TX. 75001

Tel- (469) 791-0465

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